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"Look Over" starts from "Prada Mode", an itinerant club that changes city from year to year, where artists, writers and designers meet in a creative way on issues and problems of global importance, for example how to integrate different peoples with talk, art, music and theater. Making coexist a cultural plurality that was possible in the past and that could still be is my goal. Analyzing history, my attention fell on Harlem in the early 1900s, which gave birth to the Harlem Renaissance, an artistic-cultural movement of African Americans who demanded equality with whites. Here jazz was born, the first black writers, the first black artists. We are in the era of prohibition and therefore of speakeasies, forbidden places, where you could buy alcohol illegally and listen to jazz, the music of the devil, with flappers, extravagant dancers that flooded the room.
Harlem has always been the cradle of diversity and hospitality: first with the Dutch, then the British and finally the Jews who have given way to blacks. The aim was not to standardize, rather to include a wide variety of cultural elements and styles, to unite elite culture with street life and culture passing from forms of music such as blues and jazz, to experimental literary forms such as modernism and jazz poetry. The artistic element was an expression of "diversity" for Harlem and its inhabitants.
This is what LOOK OVER represents: human identity; respect for the environment; enhancement of craftsmanship; regard for new technologies; freedom and uniqueness. A mix and match of fabrics and patterns where checks play the main role. As already explained, the idea came by combining most of my passions and the spark came when I discovered the Prada mode which has an innovative approach to the problems that are faced, in addition to the fact that the evening becomes one of the most extravagant environments ever seen.