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Jessica, 24 italian.

From Pisa.

She has always been keen on fashion world, she's making a job out of her passion.

She is curious and open to innovation, always looking for a detail to stand out.

The will of making her dream come true is the spring that push her to always look for new ideas.

“Invisible violence” the name of my collection.

I wanted to deal with a topic as current and widespread as that of CYBERBULLISMO, which involves all age groups; mainly the adolescent one where the number of victims turns out to be higher.

CYBERBULLISMO includes all those forms of prevarication and bullying among peers put in place through the use of the internet and the web platforms with which the cyberbully harasses the victim threatening and deriding her. The technology in this case turns out to be a very powerful tool in how much guarantees to the subjects the anonymity and at the same time allows a’wide and fast spread of the news.