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Man uses devices to achive his own aims feeling indipendent while uncounsciously became the servant of the device itself.

 “A” as a metaphor of several things.
The letter is composed by three lines, each ones linked to the academic years.
These lines, together, can be compared with one of the greatest architecture of all time, “The Lion Gate”, which is based on the principle of jambs and lintel. Therefore, “A” wants to signify the unmovable knowledge, the bedrock on which keep building projects/ideas day by day.

Furthermore, “A” stands for air, the linchpin element of the pneumatic architectures/installations of Tomàs Saraceno, Hongtao Zhou and the Venice Biennale - Nordic Pavillion “Another Generosity” where the inspiration of this collection came from.

Here the dress is intended as a repair, lifely architecture, second skin.

The body creates a symbiosis with the dress to such an extent that the dress itself uses air mechanism to live and change in its form.
This continuos alteration of the shape, moulded by air or by the body, is underlined by the relevant presence of white, which is a “non-colour” because is the sum of all possibile colours as air is for the form.

This concept lead to inflatable clothes, padded nylon, jumper made of vacuum wool, sculptured scuba pieces and glass accessory.