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Francesco Datti

I’m Francesco Datti and I’m doing my 3rd year at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan. My collection, entitled “L'ATTESA DELLE PERSE”, tells of an immobile woman in eternal expectation.

The collection can be understood as a journey on which the woman divests herself of her hopes and regains contact with reality, having realized her “expectation” had become pointless.

The two main inspirations are the photographers Rinko Kawauchi, who represents dream and hope, and Anders Petersen, who stands, instead, for reality.

The collection is created by impalpable layers that come up against technical fabrics. Most of the garments seem worn by time, with creasing, rough edges and cuts simulating the spilling out of the linings, before disappearing in a swarm of embroidered flies. It’s a portrait of a nostalgic woman constantly seeking out the past in the contemporary.