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Detail, technique and precision will find balance as manifestations of the same source. We live in a frenetic society with a deficit of attention to the quality of the material that surrounds us.
The mask shields the superfluous, the garments are the essence: observe them, analyze them and discover them. This is the invitation I want to make to all those who find themselves in front of my work. Dynamicsynth Gear ™ is the result of a spasmodic analysis on modern menswear clothing. Starting from the practicality of use, I rethought the use of the zip and the concept of closure. Ventilation outlets and smart pockets contrast with heat-sealed zips for watertight pockets.
No detail is accidental every YKK article has been selected through my criterion of wanting to balance functionality with the beauty of the design of the forms; just like the correct balance between activewear and Luxory. In other words, “Contemporary Evolution of Bespoke”, which can be guessed from the combination of the metallic finishes of an Excella Flat or a Snap Eyelet with the shine of the Aquaguard coating.
I love to enhance the material I use, from textiles to small metal parts and being able to emphasize the presence of YKK elements can only give the garment a plus.