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Milano Moda Graduate has officially started with the launch of the first workshop organized by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana in collaboration with the event partner YKK Italia. The semi-finalists, who are attending fashion design courses, learned about the world of fastening products, as YKK is a global leader in producing zippers and buttons. A tutoring program led by Veronika Trezzi from the Marketing & Communication Department of YKK Italia and Sabine Bourgeau, Showroom Manager in London, to discover how to use fastening products in their capsule collections in a creative and different way. Young selected designers will use the fastening products in a capsule collection that they will present during the fashion show in June.


The young designers of Milano Moda Graduate had the special opportunity to visit Giorgio Armani headquarter to discover the secrets of the Giorgio Armani Privé collection.

A special behind the scenes of the Giorgio Armani’s world, where the designers learned the creative process for a haute couture collection.  Thanks to this unique visit, Milano Moda Graduate talents understood the instruments to build a successful brand.


Ratti on Lake Como, represents the exclusivity and the excellence of Made in Italy fabrics. We went to Ratti's headquarter to see the production process and choose the fabrics to develop finalists collections which will show in June during Milan Fashion Week.


For the second time in a row, YKK is the Main Partner of Milano Moda Graduate. The leading company for luxurious fastenig accesories has planned a mentoring path for the young talents of Italian fashion design schools: with a dedicated workshop, the designers have seen the YKK world up close, discovering that luxurious zippers and buttons can be not only functional accesories, but they can also be a key to express their creativity.

This year, YKK will have a special category within Milano Moda Graduate, with a dedicate prize: eleven designers have been choosen among all candidates to create a special outfit for a dedicated fashion show.


Milano Moda Graduate finalists took part to Facebook Italia workshop on Instagram. The event was held by Laura Milani (Head of Luxury of Facebook and Instagram) with the aim of explain to the designers the latest trends of digital communications.


This year too, Anna dello Russo helped the talents of Milano Moda Graduate to understand how to reach their maximum potential and to get the most out of their creativity. At the Scuola Superiore d'Arte Applicata of Castello Sforzesco, the fashion journalist asked the designers to paint their aspirations in the world of fashion on canvas.


Our finalists went to @panificiodavidelongoni at the workshop “Le Mani in Pasta” with @anna_dello_russo: “the meaning of this workshop was: the marvelous metaphor of making bread, which explains how much care, love, devotion and humility you have at the beginning of a job, a career in fashion”. Milano Moda Graduate main partner #ykkItalia


Finalists of Milano Moda Graduate took part in a workshop with Instagram Italia - Social Media Partner of Milano Moda Graduate - to be updated on new ways of digital communication. Thanks to Laura Milani - Head of Luxury of Facebook and Instagram - the young designers understood the importance for an emerging brand to communicate on social media. 


Finalists show their looks created with the Merino Wool from The Woolmark Company for Milano Moda Graduate to Francesco Magri, Country Manager & Director Italy and Iberia.


Since 1876, Albini Group has been representing quality and innovation of Made in Italy in the field of luxury clothing fabrics. The designers of Milano Moda Graduate explored the fascinating world that lies behind one of the most famous cotton mills in Italy and in the world, touching with their own hands the preciousness of the yarns. An experience that helped them to understand how the supply chain of quality textiles is fundamental to the creation of a garment purely Made in Italy.


The young designers of Milano Moda Graduate could see a behind the scene of Taroni silkweaving mill – one of the most famous silkweave in the world – where they discovered luxury, elegance and quality of fabrics. Thanks to a journey through productive implants, designer have discovered the entire productive cycle of silk, which transform this natural fiber in a premium quality fabric, perfectly suitable for haute couture.

The talents of the mentoring program for young designers by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana have found inspirations and suggestion in the precious archive of the company, jealously preserved and constantly updated.


Finalists of MilanoModaGraduate discovered two important companies of the textile industry: Clerici Tessuto e Limonta.

Through the world of Clerici Tessuto, designers have seen production of silk fabrics and with other natural fibers, where the company combines successfuly artisianal techniques with advances technology: from production and dying to digital printing on fabrics. Moreover, in the vast company’s archives, they understood how the creative process of producing prints and graphics starts from the company's history.

Limonta gave the finalists of Milano Moda Graduate the chance to explore the company's extensive textile culture, which has now become a reference in the production of special and treated fabrics. In the spaces of Limonta, the designers were able to get to know and touch a wide variety of technical and treated fabrics, suitable for the creation of any type of garment and accessory.