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The partnership between the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency and Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana goes back to August 2018, when the parties made a strategic agreement to help Hungarian fashion industry players in entering international markets. As a part of this agreement, they have established the CNMI X HFDA Mentorship Programme, which has already opened up new international perspectives for many brands. The main indicator of its success is that designers who have completed the programme, now have a wider export base and a proven position in foreign markets as well. The most defining part of the program is the participation in the Milano Fashion Week which brings the long-awaited breakthrough for numerous designers. On the occasion of MFW September 2020 five new brands were launched on the road of foreign expansion under the umbrella brand named Budapest Select - Kata Szegedi, MERO, NINI, THEFOUR, ZIA budapest were those who carried on the reputation of the Hungarian fashion industry.