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The professional partnership between the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency and Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana dates all the way back to August 2018, when the parties signed a strategic agreement together to jointly support Hungarian fashion industry players entering international markets. As part of this agreement, an international mentoring programme was founded and it is thanks to this, that international perspectives have opened for many brands. The international mentoring programme's strongest defining point is the participation in the Milano Fashion Week, which has already given many mentees their long-awaited breakthrough.

In occasion on MFW February 2021, under the Budapest Select umbrella brand, seven Hungarian brands represented the Hungarian fashion industry in the form of a live, catwalk video, streamed in the official MFW schedule. The brands ABODI, CUKOVY and Elysian, which are already familiar participants of the event, took part as brands having completed the international mentoring programme, and besides them, for the second time, the creations of Kata Szegedi, MERO, THEFOUR and ZIA budapest could be discovered. They were also present in the Budapest Select room of the Emerging Designer Hub section of the MFW platform, together with the brands NINI and ALMA.