Apnea, Delirious, Woobag, Vanta Design, Carmelina Raco and Caterina Gatta are all brands that have developed their collections with a strong belief in the continuation of handcrafting and traditional ways of producing apparel and accessories. CNMI wants to underline how the new generation of Italian designers is supporting and preserving these techniques, which in our current period are often forgotten.

Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana presents the 9th edition of Fashion Hub Market, in the setting of Spazio Cavallerizze of the National Museum Of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci (Via Olona, 6bis). From the 17th to 23rd of September 2019, during Milano Fashion Week Women’s, The Fashion Hub Market will present to buyers and press, ready-to-wear collections and accessories of the most interesting and emerging brands, selected among on the international scene.