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"Good fashion should tell a story. A story of love, of joy, of travels, of real and past experiences. Taste is something really relative, maybe too much. Emotions remain. Creating something beautiful is not enough, you need to thrill. This is the difference that makes the difference". Francesco Visone was born in Naples in October 1992. His origins remarkably affected his conception of fashion. He studied law at the University “Federico II” in Naples and such studies made him acquire a critical approach to the world. He does not accept the status quo and is constantly on the lookout for innovation. Such assumptions contributed to the progress of his project. He immediately realized the fortune of being Neapolitan, the very fortune that allowed him to enjoy the best handicraft competences in the world. This is the reason why he then decided to fully localize his production in Naples on one side and to sell his products all over the world on the other side. His products are innovative, different. They tell about travels, experiences, artistic movements and far-away cultures, through typical elements with a strong visual impact. Materials are used in a different way, according to the forms, in order to give the product a particular depth. These are the very characteristics that made him begin his career first in Milan, where he was selected by Super and then by White, in Berlin at the Premium’s Talents area and then in Paris at the Premiere Classe. He was also selected among the Neapolitan excellence companies by the ICE at the event "Naples meets the world". The Mipel selected him for the event called "Scenario" among the twenty most innovative emergent trademarks and in February 2016 the magazine Vogue Italia selected him among the most prominent emergent trademarks for the event "Vogue Talents". The manic obsession for details, the careful selection of materials and the innovation in terms of design make his creations unique in their genre. More on

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