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Endelea is an ethical fashion brand born in Milan in 2018 with the idea of creating ready-to-wear and accessories in traditional African fabrics with a Made in Italy design.

The collections are designed in Milan and hand-made in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. The name Endelea, which in Swahili means "to keep going forward without giving up", is the perfect synthesis to describe who we are and is consistent with an approach that focuses on people and creativity, building value for both customers and communities involved in the supply chain.

Endelea’s goal is twofold. On the one hand, the company wants to contribute to the development of the fashion industry in Tanzania. This is why Endelea’s production and fabric purchases are made on-site, while part of the revenues are invested in creating capacity-building workshops and in collaborations with Tanzanian schools and universities.

Endelea’s other goal is to create a dialogue between Europe and Africa, promoting and educating its international audience on authentic African textile cultures.
Since 2020 Endelea is a Benefit Corporation, an entity that works to have a positive impact on people and the environment. 85% of the team is made up of women, with a zero gender pay gap (the difference in pay between men and women). The salary of tailors and seamstresses is 96% higher than the national average and all enjoy health insurance for themselves and their families, along with free meals and transportation, and professional courses.