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Studiopretzel was created as a brand for fashion business, with a particular attention to “lightness”, something that reminds of Calvino’s literature. Following this mood the collections disclose into soft lines, with the creation of comfortable and "ready to wear" clothes, like the shirt and the shorts, made with comfortable materials, such as muslin and linen. The shirts’ buttons are dressed with Japanese colored textiles, in contrast with the main tone, in order to highlight the details. An invite to avoid the use of a tie, in favor of a notie shirt to all intents and purposes. Japanese textiles are also used for the internal pockets of the double-breasted yukatas, a modern interpretation of the comfortable Japanese kimonos. This idea of fashion becomes then very close to the East and fulfills the concept of a relaxed elegance, creating wider clothes but nevertheless precise in the colors and in the sartorial cuts, wisely handmade. Clothes are handmade by local artisans as the collections are produced between Prato, Firenze and Pontassieve, where experienced Italian artisans wrap the buttons one by one, manufacturing trousers and shirts, using only sewing machines and irons. A specialized and keen on details production completely "Made in Italy" that is able to work on unique pieces as well as on bulk orders, thanks to a widespread network of great local manual skills.