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Me and the Homies starts from a reflection on the feeling of being comfortable around the people we love and about the meaningfulness of others.
The collection concept is split in two parts. The first one is about relating to others, represented by families, groups of friends, society and communities.
The second one is about being individuals who need to be part of something, constantly comparing to others and trying to shape themselves. Accepting yourself and your individuality is a big challenge: it requires independence and open spirit, along with availability to confrontation and willingness to change.


Emanuele Abbondanza was born in Milan, in the San Siro area. Since when he was a child, his stammering brought him to express himself through fashion, as the most direct communication means to tell himself and his interests.
With time passing by, the stammering has faded, but the clothes are always a way to communicate with the rest of the world, from university until when he started working in the field.
Since nearly two years, he started a project along with two partners and a small team: the luxury menswear brand Ascend Beyond.
Outside of his work he tries to experience the people that surround him, he meditates, while deepening his passions that go from music, to arts and design.


Ascend Beyond is a men’s luxury brand founded in 2021 by Emanuele Abbondanza and Marco Grossi. We create well-cared items inspired by Mediterranean imagery, to recount a thoughtful and meditative commentary on life’s circumstances. This long-playing Company Profile is a comprehensive tool conceived to guide you through our universe, just like music does with thoughts and emotions. The different tracks represent the key steps of our own identity, which is the overall outcome of a strong need for giving birth to functional, fine, well-designed, and ironic pieces.