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Diotima was founded by Jamaica-born designer Rachel Scott. Scott's interest in fashion began with an awareness of language's connection to culture and creativity, gained through the studies in French existentialism and post-structuralism.

Prior to founding Diotima, Rachel Scott worked for 15 years at all levels of the design process between Milan and New York, gaining the experience necessary to bring extensive technical and creative knowledge to Diotima, with a focus on craftsmanship. Her design sensibility is based on the concrete intersection of history, politics and aesthetics. It is with and through Diotima that Scott seeks to confront, challenge, and relate to the complexities surrounding race, gender, and our relationship to labor and workforce. To the extent that design responds to the present, Scott seeks to contextualize, situate, and reshape the intimate ways in which we think about, wear, and share our experiences with fashion.