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The collection on display represents our work uniform. Simple and comfortable

patterns, strong colors, quality yarns. We strongly believe in quality rather than

quantity: we choose to create garments that stand the test of time,

characterized by functionality and longevity.

We combine the latest technologies with craftsmanship, traditional methods

with new ways of (re)using materials.

Together with “Spaccio 01”, a mannequin that narrates the ongoing

performance "EGO” presented in the studio’s atelier in Via Sammartini 69,

always related to the study of time and its crystallization.



Spaccio Maglieria takes shape in a team of young creative minds - not

represented by a single "frontman" designer; it is also a physical and creative

space where experimentation on knitwear reigns supreme.

Working alongside high-end international brands, such as Sunnei, Eckhaus

Latta, Wales Bonner, and Shayne Oliver, the studio has acquired a point of view

with an international scope, focused on research and the highest elevation of

artisanal knitwear declined in a concept of “Alta Maglieria”.



Born from the need to overcome role hierarchies, Spaccio Maglieria is a

growing and inclusive community that does not like to label itself as a brand but

as a cultural project in the making.

As a physical and creative space focused on experimentation on knitwear, we

value craftsmanship, attention to detail, and slowness above all else.

These values are core columns of every project and collection made out of few

selected pieces:

“quality over quantity” stands as a mantra.