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Roberto Ferlito was born in Siciliy in 1981. His creative process begins during the early years of art school, where is measured with painting and sculpture to touch the scene and then get to his real interest: fashion. Self-taught, with the help of his mother, with a large artistic and creative vein, he learned the basics of modeling tailoring, reinterpreting them according to his own inspiration. In 2000, after a course of study in Milan, he moved to Florence where he began working for one of the largest international fashion companies. He discovers a new passion: the world of accessories and jewelery design. After ten years of experience in the industry makes his mark: Schield, a collection of jewelery made of non-precious materials, with a strong artistic content and style. Together with photographer Diego Diaz Marin, makes this project a real lifestyle ranging from photography, design, fashion itself. Schield comes from the hand of the designer Roberto Ferlito which, together with a company specializing in the jewelry industry and high fashion bijoux, focus on innovation and product quality.  The name Schield is chosen to represent the stylistic force of the collections.  The identity of the brand finds its roots on the experience of master craftsmen – skilled modelers jewelry Schield – on cutting edge design and materials research, the detailed and meticulous craftsmanship. The pieces are designed, sculpted and finished as if they were products of high jewelery. The modeling finished by hand and the use of precious materials such as brass dipped in a micron of gold, embellished with enamel and crystals Swarovski Elements Hot Original, natural or semi-precious stones – give to the Schield’s jewelery the quality of a unique style and 100% made in Italy. More on

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