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Darya Golneva and Denis Caunov are the designers behind of the OK KINO brand. Both hail from the small city of Chisinau in Moldova.
Darya started her education way in Moldova and continued it in Italy – at Polimoda and at the Academy of Fine Arts Aldo Galli. During studies, she worked as an apprentice for different brands and ateliers, where she gained skills in patternmaking and tailoring. While Darya was studying, Denis Caunov was already gaining his first experience as a young architect, collaborating with architectural bureaus and projects. With a shared vision, they assembled a small team to establish OKKINO brand. Seamlessly collaborating, they pour their combined expertise into every step of the clothing creation process. Exploring the national heritage, they carefully work with ethnic and cultural symbols and codes, reinterpreting them from a new minimalism perspective.