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Davide Panzeri

Telling me is the goal of this collection, telling about Alberto Giacometti is the way I used to do it.

I speak of myself, I raise the clergy, of the garage, of my grandmother's house, there is a desk, a messed up picture hanging and a river of scattered clothes, hanging on the ground, on mannequins, cut out, painted, unstitched .. by Giacometti, opens a door of his atelier in the Parisian district of Montparnasse, scattered statues, plaster casts, paint and clay everywhere, extinguished cigarettes on the floor, iron wires.
I imagined him since he painted in Borgonovo di Stampa, in the Canton of Grisons (Switzerland), where he was born when he took his works with a train and brought them to Paris, I was struck by his existentialism, his thoughts, his way of life, because I found him very similar to mine.
Authenticity is the key word that accompanies the whole collection, taking references of authentic garments, from vintage archives and markets, I put them on mannequins, then on a friend of mine, I modified and photographed them, to have a base and start. I chose fabrics, looking at the artist's photos, even here I was struck by his trench coat, it is undoubtedly the first garment I think of if I think of him, but it would have been, perhaps, too banal to propose it again in its simplicity, therefore excluding it as garment I decided to bring its details on most of the other garments, the under lapel, the passable pockets typical of his Burberry, the half hammer sleeve and half turn on the sweaters, typical of a trench coat, authentic.
I divided the collection into city, country, studio, like a zoom, choosing comfortable and soft garments for the country, hard and protective for the city and personal for the studio, there will be a garment that represents me and one that represents Giacometti, him who painted and sculpted with a tie and shirt, I considered this accessory inevitable.
As a work, I painted and soiled some garments and embroidered motifs that echoed his sculptures on the sweaters.