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'Selvadego' is the man who follows his primitive animal instinct, listening to the most primal sexual impulse: the need to feel pleasure. The collection talks about this carnal drive and lives in the sex places of the homosexual community: in nature, as a place where you can feel free to be naked to return to the dawn, when Adam and Eve were not ashamed of their nakedness; in the artificial places of public baths and glory-holes, as a place to practice one's fetishes; in the bedroom, for the most romantic and intimate encounter.

Undress in front of a stranger, feel embarrassed, get excited, lean on a hot body, listen to the sounds of enjoyment to explode in a testosterone bath.
'Selvadego' is an attempt to grasp these moments, and fix them in their raw and raw light, typical of nature at its lowest and most intimate degree.

Robert Mapplethorpe with his photography highlights men involved in acts of fetishism, naked bodies that denote a sincere exploration of the human body, sexuality and carnal desire, thus investing his work with the grandeur and nobility of virility.
Wolfgang Tillmans, with his photographs of clothes, manages to demonstrate how everyday life is permeated by the erotic, and often becomes a fetish thanks to the very absence of the body to be desired.
Wilhelm von Gloeden by photographing young boys illustrates grace, innocence and puberty alongside male sexual maturity thus representing a romantic version of the undressed body.
In the photography of these artists, modesty becomes the object of sexual interest, thus making itself erotic and the pornographic mixes with the intimacy of the subjects portrayed.
Thus in 'Selvadego' the modest, the erotic, the pornographic, the intimacy, the fetish mix in a dance of excited bodies, charged with their lowest instincts, towards the insatiable search for their erogenous zones to satisfy the desire that blinds them.