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Gaia Invernizzi

I am Gaia Invernizzi, 21 years old and from Bergamo, a city where I have developed an interest in art and the various possibilities of creating and modifying form.
Reflexively, I started to experiment with new vehicles of expression that went beyond painting and sculpture, establishing a first connection with fashion.

Through it I was able to pursue research based on the study of the body and its possible alterations: through garments, in fact, the body can discover new and unconventional forms that are subjectively accepted with difficulty.
This research saw its own development in the thesis phase becoming the central theme.
A body can be visually altered by a subject, so much that it seems deformed, this bring to self-closure and fear of relating with society.

The purpose of each garment is to fit the form but especially to be able to modify itself to allow a personal and social opening They can be adapted according to one's needs and situation. To do this, fundamental was the use of zippers - the main accessory of the collection - and fabrics, which are altered by manipulations.