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I was born in Rome (03-07-1996), the same city I still live in. I attended the "Ripetta"

Artistic High School and, finally, the "Accademia Costume & Moda" at which I graduated in Fashion Design and Costume this February 2019. Academy gave me the opportunity to participate in the "ACM Talents 2019" project, allowing me to make my first capsule collection, "Nàttùra". This experience has greatly enriched my cultural baggage making me collaborate directly with companies and personalities in the fashion industry.

I'currently looking for my very first job and I feel motivated and willing to start a new

experience in the fashion system.


Two pillars of this project: the iconic figure of Bjork and the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. "Náttúra" takes its name from the song of the Icelandic singer and the garments are made by bypassing the traditional canons of female beauty, preferring a world of exploration of volume and geometry. The Silk fabrics are used to superimpose transparency creating three- dimensionality to the monocoloured outfits.

A woman who shows her own truth in the joy of Björk and in the essentiality of Kengo Kuma 's works. Gentili Mosconi, Isa Seta, Ostinelli Seta and Ratti sponsored this collection.