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Francesca Barberio

Francesca Barberio, born in 1996, is a Fashion Ecodesigner and Stylist who has loved fashion since childhood, growing up in a family of experts in the field, in a small town in Calabria. Since high school, she has dedicated years to the study of fashion, attending I.T.A.S. Chimirri, with a Fashion System orientation. At the age of 18, she moved to the capital to attend a three-year degree course in Fashion and Costume Science at the University of Rome La Sapienza. Over the years, she has developed a strong interest in environmental sustainability, present in all her projects, which led her to enrol in the Master's Degree course in Design for Innovation - Fashion Ecodesign, at the Seconda Università della Campania L. Vanvitelli, where she recently graduated with honours. From there, the first work experiences in the sector, between showrooms and sets of well-known brands. She enjoys understanding and learning about creative and innovative processes, always keeping up with the latest trends. He works preferring the use of software and manual skills, with extreme care and attention to detail. She believes that anything that surrounds us can have strong stimuli to bring back into clothes, staging different stories, learning to read between the lines.
With REBORN, his latest work, she wants to create an inconstant dress, like our personalities. In fact, it is a project created to analyse the relationship between fashion and identity. It takes the form of a desire to rediscover the pleasure of inventing with what we have at our disposal, salvaging vintage garments from unsold stock to bring them to new life, with a commitment to reducing the environmental impact caused by the production of new garments, making them to take on a new identity. What he wants to portray can be encapsulated in the concept of fluidity, where gender is freed. The multifunctional garments change as identities change, creating chameleon-like total looks. It tries to understand the new direction, giving new life to something that was actually about to be forgotten, breaking rules and boundaries, adapting it to the world we all live in today. Reborn, as the name implies, is a rebirth into the future, where the past is an opportunity to recover in order to protect tomorrow.