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Rosa Martina Palma

The voracious fashion industry has by now shaped users’ and consumers’ minds, making us all complicit in the fast fashion phenomenon.

Impulse purchasing seems to establish a sort of love at first sight relationship between buyer and object of desire, so frivolous and ephemeral that it can be all over in a few hours. After which, in fact, a purchase immediately becomes “old” and “dated” in our eyes. This infinitely self-repeating and damaging loop is what is defined as fast fashion. The hybridization of two basic garments present in the wardrobes of every category of user is applying a new perspective and pointing customers towards “informed and conscious” purchasing. Being fully modular and removable thanks to the combined use of zips and press-studs, the garment can be worn in different ways, modifying its shape, cut, style and even matching the colours of the sleeves and bomber underneath.

The UNISEX outer garment is a combination and layering of two garments coming from a long phase of research and upcycling, a vintage trench and an unlined cotton bomber jacket, both rescued from street markets, second-hand shops or clearance sales. The theory of upcycling underpins the entire production.