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A Natural Sportswear
The ETEREA project focuses its attention on a paradigm of thought that contemplates scientific and humanistic aspects: innovative design and sustainable development, a new way of looking at fashion and design.
A long process of analysis and study has been associated with it in order to have structured the entire design system into an innovative and unique final garment.
The extensive research on generations of new eco-sustainable, biodegradable, smart or recyclable materials is now accompanied by the approach of a new border. The design idea consists in combining biodegradable and eco-sustainable materials in order to produce a 100% eco-sustainable outfit.
It arises from the attempt to demonstrate that it is possible to change the production process of the fashion system devoted to reducing emissions and to the sensitivity of the environment. The outfit is respectful of nature both in the materials used and in the manufacturing processes, made from plant materials (bamboo, hemp, organic cotton and rubber) so that it can be defined as completely sustainable but also biodegradable in the name of the LCA production process.
The garments feature textures of consistent knitwear and soft surfaces while the color is overbearing and dominant, because it enhances the details and geometries of the craftsmanship worthy of the best "Made in Italy".
Designed for widespread use, the outfit is characterized by an effective search for perfection and elegance, rendered by acid tones with decisive touches of color: amaranth red reacts against the effect of purple selenite and azure blue with an electric effect, twilight blue and acid yellow enhance the digital effect.
The uniqueness of this project is represented on the one hand by the very high quality level of raw materials, fabrics and accessories, used thanks to collaborations with Italian companies, among the many YKK, MAEKO, TESEO and Centro Accessori, and on the other also by the craftsmanship used for the production of garments and footwear.
When they become a lifestyle choice, sustainable fabrics are perceived not only as morally superior but also as luxurious in a slow fashion perspective.
The project, based on its vision and through close collaborations, combines high quality with ethics, paying the utmost attention to the choice and use of products and services of excellence for their creations. Investing in these ideals with great commitment has resulted in a conscious and modern fashion defined as much by its ethics as by its purpose.