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I grew up looking up to my father taking pictures of us, of landscapes, objects, almost anything. It is not his job, because he is a full-time high school history and philosophy teacher, but he was very good at capturing moments. Now he has quit this hobby, but I inherited this passion and also his analog cameras collection.

Taking pictures, for me, is a way not to forget someone or a special moment, something that impressed me.
I love taking my camera with me also when I go out for nothing special, like having a coffee with a friend or doing the shopping.

Since I was a child, both my parents have always stimulated me in reading, drawing, and being curious. I am very grateful for that, because I think this attitude helped me to mature many different interests and to find people to share them with.

At the High School I studied classical subjects like greek, latin and philosophy. Though I did not carry on them in my academic path, they helped me to mature the ability of analyzing and think over, helpful in a wide rage of activities. 




The purpose of my first collectionis to tell the story aboutmyself, myadventures and my family. I started from was the theone of “water”, and then I developedthreesubthemesaroundthisnaturalelement. The first oneis “The life aquatic with Steve Zissou” by Wes Anderson, a famous film director, whose style and aesthetics are verysimilar to mine: naif and modernat the same time. Furthermore, hismovies are full of irony: he doesnot include negative characterssince he tried to make reality seemfunnier and less hard thanitreallyis.  Anotherrelevantreferenceismy family. Duringmyresearchthroughmyfamily’s photo archive I found images of allmyrelatives (including a part of my family I havenevermet) in the places I used to spendnumeroussummersduringmychildhood.

The last source I usedas an inspiration for mycollectionis the theme of ‘fishing and fishermen”. Thispracticeraisedmyinterest for bothshapes and manipulation. I do nothave the right skills to fish, but, on the contrary, myinterest in thispracticeislinked to the aspects of relax and chill I associate with it: reading a good and inspiring book at the harbour.  Alltheseelements are mixedtogethermakingmymemoriesstillalivewhilecommunicatingwho I am, where I come from and what I like