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I am Enrico Vettorazzo, I was born in 1994 near Venice but I raised in Bassano del Grappa, a small town at the bottom of the mountains. I attended an historical art high school in Nove (VI) which is mostly famous for ceramic sculture and objects, here I studied Design and traditional ceramic sculture with Novese artists, winning the prize as Best New Artist in 2014 with a piece inspired by 1984 by George Orwell.

After graduating I attended IUAV University of Venice, in Fashion Design. Here I had the opportunity of working with different professionals in the sector and to deal with different fields concerning fashion as sewing, pattern making, concept design and much more.

I recently graduated with honors with a thesis on my final collection ‘’Sbuffo Sbrillo’’, inspired by Federico Fellini’s movies and Jean Jenet. The collection has been selected to walk the runway of Fashion at IUAV in July 2018.

During the latest years I started to unify performing arts and fashion working as Make up artist, photogr ssistant for Modeldanzando, Art Director in Padua.


Sbuffo Sbrillo


Jean Jenet, with his funambulist, was useful for me to develop a sort of story that I personally translated in images and suggestions to create a suspendend and unreal atmosphere. I wanted to extract a poetic of sacrifice and dedition, typical of the circus artist, taht is hidden by hirony and sparkle of his persona. Homosexuality, in Genet, is another fundamental theme. The classical masculinity can be used to undermine this misogynist standard that is central in social construction. Costumes designed  by Danilo Donati and Piero Gherardi - with their different approaches -  gave the direct inspirations. Donati's clowns are cheerful and colorfoul characters, he plays exagerating shapes, bending or reinventing garments and the details of typical wardrobe: big collars, asymmetric jackets, oversized pants with suspenders, everything realized with different fabrics, coloured with dark and britgh colours. The aestethic tat we can see in 8 e Mezzo is more minimalistic ad rationalist: costme designer Piero Gherardi - an architect - created also the film sets. The lightness and the fun part o fthe circus world were a vehicle to make hirony  about the more formal stylistic reference.