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Eleonora Ortensia Giussani is 22 years old and she was born in Monza. 

She studied languages and she graduated in 2016. After the degree she decided to follow her real passion: fashion.

She enrolls at the Milan fashion academy ( NABA ).

She now attends the third and final year of the fashion course. 

Thanks to this course of studies she deepens an interest for the theatre and costumes. 

Costumes are the subject of her costant research and passion for tailoring. This will determine his future job.


The Death and the Maiden


Egon Schiele ( 1890 - 1918) was an austrian painter and engraver. His work is known for its expressive intensity, psychological introspection and communication of the inner distress through his numerous portraits.

His subject are men and women who often pose naked, they are the symbol of his complex relationship with the female sex: twisted bodies, many unfinished figures, portraits and self-portraits. He tries to paint the pathos by exposing the unconscious and taking a very marked depth from the emotional contours.

Sexuality, for Schiele, is very present in his self-portrait, in the female figures and in lovers.

He shows himself through the nudity which is chaotic, bothering, captivating and not discreet. The breasts take shape and become red and evident. The cheeks are orange and pink, escpecially pale. The poses of women are erotic and they become smug muses just like during a photo shoot. Bodies have neither a beginning nor and end, they melted together overlapping and they free themselves lying in infinite of the white canvas. They freeze and fit forever as if they were dead. The colors are acidic and bright as if they were blue, purple and yellow bruises.