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Francesco Murano, was born December 18, 1997 in Agropoli, he grew up in a small town in the province of Salerno in Campania. He attended the Carlo Levi Art School of Eboli, specializing in plastic and ceramic design. In 2016 he moved to Milan to study fashion, enrolling in IED and choosing Fashion Design.

 Plastic Oxymoron

I have always been fascinated by the bond that exists between two opposites, that invisible thread that connects them and makes one call the other. Through this reflection, passing through Nietzsche and then through Hera- clitus, I want to talk about this dualism inherent in us and how they are in truth a single reality. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, in “The Birth of Tragedy” uses the distinction between the “Dionysian” and “Apollonian” as the central motif. The two spirits in opposition to each other will be an integral part of this research and will have, in addition to a content value, a use value trying to translate the two concepts into aesthetic categories and then place them in two distinct and distant artistic epochs: Classical art and Baroque art. The opposites, however, are not mutually exclusive, but act simultaneously giving rise to harmony. I will try to keep the concept of research together with the realization of the collection itself and point out how the rationality and rigor of classical sculpture can be strongly linked to the rules of sartorial modeling and at the same time show through the moulage technique the impulsiveness of our mind and therefore act according to a Dionysian reasoning. Both concepts will be applied to the same garment or outfit that will present structured and clean silhouettes but at the same time will be contaminated by abstract shapes and volumes that will give balance to the figure, so as to show a dynamic vision of reality that is defined by Heraclitus with the word “dialectic” understood as a unity of opposites and how this vision can appear to our eyes as a Plastic Oxymoron.