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Dedicated to YKK, “I open at the close” is a critique of today's society which, poisoned by judgments, forces people to raise their barriers even more, erect even higher walls and distance themselves from those around them.
Red symbolizes the need to pay attention to what you say or the anger at not being able to say anything. Black and white is the clear contrast that is created in often useless discussions in which one listens casually or focuses only on what is needed to attack the interlocutor.
The look presents an overlapping of garments that want to represent the closure in themselves, the distrust and the barrier that each of us wears.
At the same time, the zips break up and open the garment, while in the coat the open zips shyly reveal the fabric, just to represent what we would like but cannot say.
I open up at closing, at the end, when it doesn't matter anymore.