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Ottavia Molinari is 21 years old, she was born in Milan but grew up in a small village in the mountains in Val di Susa, Claviere. She graduated in 2016 with

98/100 at Liceo Classico della Comunicazione, I.I.S.S. Luigi Des Ambrois, Oulx. In parallel to the course of study she practiced skiing at a competitive level.

In 2014 she represented Norway about the issue of climate change at TOMUN (Model United Nations).

After high school she chose a training course with a humanistic component but with a strong creative aspect. She chose Istituto Marangoni and is currently attending the third year of Fashion Design. During the three years of training she focused on developing Menswear collections with extensive use and study of knitwear, gaining good skills in the process of making a knit garment.

In April 2018 she participated (through the Istituto Marangoni) in the workshop "Ago e Filo" organized by the Miroglio Fashion group, Alba: the experience consisted in creating a collection for Fiorella Rubino.

She is an Italian native speaker, has a good knowledge of English, and having grown up on the border with France understands and speaks French with a certain fluidity.

One of her passions besides fashion is cinema: the Nouvelle vague or Neorealism often influence and enrich her personal creative process.


Collection of an Artist


The FW collection was born from a feeling that Visconti’s and Guadagnino’s movies

depict perfectly: the glowing of an exterior compared with the magnificence of an

interior, place of intellect. The purpose is to investigate the person breathing within these

surroundings to reach the bohemian artist of European heritage, indifferent to his look during the creative process in his atelier.

What he wears is unimportant, his nonchalance turns everything into a mistake. Unbuttoned smocks, indefinite lengths.

This idea generates the material and chromatic choice, based on good taste and raw haphazard. Such haphazard finds its best expression in knitwear, which allows a volumetric, "messy" development highlighting the artist’s lack of interest towards bourgeois choices. Extremely refined yarns following shapes and points in a complete dissonance.