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Maria Rosaria Serra

Maria Rosaria Serra is a fashion designer, class of 1997, with an honours degree in design for innovation (fashion curriculum) from Università della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli. The leitmotif of the NFT vs DFT (Non Fungible vs Digital Fungible Token) project submitted for Milano Moda Graduate is the continual transition from analog to digital and vice versa. It draws inspiration from the concept of “Unheimlich” in various contexts, from Freud to the literature of Kafka and the magic realism of Magritte, via the supernatural cinema.

An enigmatic journey to the boundary between fiction and reality that has seen the use of A.I.: a collaboration between humans and machines, a fusion of two different worlds that has made it possible go beyond the confines of the imagination in scenarios that are macabre, mysterious and uncanny.