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My outfit for YKK is a synthesis of the Chimney Sweeps Shout collection which, through the comparison of William Blake's poems, aims to be a denunciation of pollution caused by human beings.
It has environmental, human and animal ethics as its cornerstones and it is precisely for this reason that it comes from a sustainable color palette and the reuse of old denim garments: one of the most polluting fabrics.
We find the Massese sheep's wool whose particularity is that it has not undergone any process other than that of shearing. The wool was then needled onto natural fabrics over the photo prints by photographer J. Henry Fair.
On the Bamboo lining the poems of the poet have been printed that remind us how at the beginning of the first industrial revolution children were exploited to clean the chimneys of London in the late 1700s. Just like those children nowadays also animals, the environment and us we can't breathe due to the pollution levels.