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IUAD - Accademia della Moda

Since when she was born in 1995, Veronica Cascella has always cultivated two great passions: one for drawing and one for fashion. She had no doubts, therefore, when she decided, after finishing middle school in 2009, to combine these two passions by enrolling at the "Isabella d'Este Caracciolo" Institute in Naples, where she distinguished herself brilliantly, won the third edition of the Prize " Isabella d’Este per le arti e l’artigianato di Napoli "and obtained her diploma in "Clothing and Fashion Technician" in 2014. Later, she was selected by the Teatro San Carlo to participate in the training course " Sarto dello Spettacolo ”(2014 - 2015) which didn’t distract her from dream of becoming a fashion designer. After obtaining the certificate, in fact, Cascella enrolled in the Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design at the IUAD Fashion Academy in Naples, where she is still inscribed with excellent results, which led her to realize unique clothing for several projects and fashion shows. She is able to combine apparently unrelated elements with haute couture in a sublime way, deriving for example from different styles such as rock or different fields such as technology (this is the case of “Tricks of light” luminous dress able to change color, realized for the project "Arte e Moda" organized by the Academy of Naples and which has taken off during the exposition at the Bourbon gallery). In particular, an outfit proposed during the Italian Fashion Talent Award contest in 2018 was a great success, so much that she obtained a merit mention from Mario Boselli (Honorary President of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana). In 2019 she was selected to participate in the International Exhibition during London's Graduate Fashion Week where she proposed an innovative contemporary embroidery technique on leather.



Humanity dehumanized: this is the oxymoron of our society oppressed by spasmodic desire of conforming, human being is alone, unarmed, fragile.

Absent looks, accumulated faces, chained to screens where the reality meets fiction creating a single dimension that loses its authenticity.

Mutable,veiled, unreadable,deludes, hypnotized identities come to life trough contemporary embroidery in “FACE TO FACE”collection.