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Matteo Tomaino

Hi, I’m Matteo. I’m 25. I was born and bred in the province of Turin but have always suffered the strong influences of the city. As my friends would say, I’m “Turin-centric”.

I have a diploma in clothing technology and a degree in fashion design. Ever since I was a kid, fashion has been a strong passion, a vocation I have transformed into my current work. I work on knitwear product development for a big luxury business. The importance and value of things handmade with love and dedication has been handed down through generations, from my grandmother via my mother to me. Especially my mother, who taught me the basics of sewing, knitting and crochet work.

Having learned and refined the techniques, my creativity and manual skills enabled me to explore the limits beyond matter that I would never have considered.

In this collection, I wanted to say something about myself. Knitwear is the main focus of the collection: it’s been treated in its most intimate purity in full-fashioned machine knit and crocheted garments for which preliminary shaping studies are indispensable for avoiding cuts. The accessories, also hand crocheted, contextualize the looks in everyday life.

It's a collection designed to be lived in.