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WRÅD kicked off in 2015 as an Instagram page to raise awareness about the true impact of clothing. Since then it evolved into a sustainable innovation lab and ultimately an innovative streetwear label, winner of the RedDot Design Award for its GRAPHI-TEE, the first t-shirt to use recycled graphite powder instead of chemical colorants. WRÅD’s mission? To inspire people to manifest intangible values through tangible things - in order to catalyze the rise of a new order of sustainable action in the industry. WRÅD is co-founded by Matteo Ward (CEO & CMO), previously Sr. Manager and Co-Chair of the A&F Diversity and Inclusion Council at Abercrombie and Fitch, Victor Santiago (Art Director), fashion photographer and casting director, and Silvia Giovanardi, the WRÅD’s creative director who designed the piece for the GCC. Silvia, a IED graduate in Fashion Design, was formerly Sr. Designer at ETRO. She is an artist, photographer and expert in art of natural dyes.