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Marco Rambaldi

Marco Rambaldi’s brand was born in 2014 at a time when in the fashion world words like contemporary and elegant seemed to have lost their meaning. Marco’s creative vision represents the clash of two worlds: the 70’s Italian bourgeoisie with its everyday repetitive, reactionary codes and a radically young, emotional, transversal, new aesthetic. Two generations always challenging each other which collide in their precepts of conservatism and insurgency, like a coffee table where historic, glossy Italian fashion magazines like “Sguardo Italiano” or “Linea Italiana” mix with rough, desperate and unfinished looking punk fanzines. In Marco’s storytelling there is both a sense of annihilation (desolation) and a need for survival, a summary of the opposites and love for the present time. Made in Italy finally arises in its cultural context, not just as a synonymous for quality. It is the matrix of its creative strength, not its goal. Because only through recovering what is definitely old, but belongs to us, we will be able to understand where we come from and which kind of world we want to build.