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Bav Tailor

Born in London, Indian by origin, a nomad in spirit, Bav's family upbringing and travels have steered her to reside in continents amidst all creeds and cultures, providing her with an innate sensibility towards humanity. Graduating with honours in Business economics in London, she thereafter moved to Australasia to work for local fashion houses. A Masters in Fashion Marketing Management at Moda Lab - Istituto Europeo di Design brought her to Milan in 2005 where she thereafter specialised in Fashion Design and worked for premium luxury fashion houses. Bav matured her skills from the early age of 16 within Luxury Retail. After graduating she progressed in the fields of Luxury Brand Marketing, Art Direction, Visual Merchandising and Commercial. Her 360° expertise working with luxury brands and artisans enlightened her to endeavour a new journey. In 2015, BAV TAiLOR, a sustainable luxury brand is launched for the next ethically aware generation. Upholding the tradition of her Grandfathers, great Sartorialists, the brand sources materials from suppliers, which encapsulate excellence in innovation, craftsmanship and respectful standards. The brand blossoms thanks to Bav's family and loved ones who continue to encourage her spirit.