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16R Firenze

Romina Caponi Owner and Art-Director founded the 16R brand in June 2016, together with the "Maglificio Caponi" family company. Romina Caponi was born in Pisa on 16.6.1976, studied in the field of art and fashion, in 1995 she graduated from the Caterina dei Medici school in Florence and in 1998 she specialized in the knitwear design sector at the Polimoda institute of Florence. Always passionate about fashion and forms of material creativity, she is able to express and learn the art of craft within the knitwear and knitwear company. After the experience gained during adolescence began in 1999 a collaboration as Senior Design responsible for the knitwear sector with the Roberto Cavalli fashion house, where he established a very interesting and creative relationship that will last for several years; in 2006 this collaboration was interrupted for about two years as Romina decided to join the creative group of the Versace house as Senior Design. In 2007, she created his own studio within the company, where she began various collaborations as creative consultants, both with emerging brands and with important fashion groups. Recreate a new collaboration with the Cavalli S.p.A. as Design for the Class Roberto Cavalli license and becomes the style manager of the Swinger group for the Byblos line. In 2016 Romina decided to create its own brand 16R, name inspired by her lucky number "16" corresponding to the birth data and that of the brother, lost in adolescence. The growth within a creative family, father painter-artist, mother merchant and the fragility of the loss experienced, have created in the style of Romina an innate attention to the research of details with a particular mix between contemporary and folk.