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Unravelau is a sustainable fashion brand founded in 2017 by Laura Meijering. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design at the HKU, she decided she no longer wanted to contribute to the current, wasteful, fashion system. With her brand Unravelau she unravels the fashion industry until only the positive elements remain. Unravelau is a Dutch high-end womenswear brand and with a minimal ecological footprint that builds on circular principles.

Unravelau was a little girl’s dream that came true. As a child, Laura was always either drawing or playing dress up and imagined herself in another universe. Today, the same kind of imagination remains an important part of Unravelau’s way of working; to create a story in which you can lose yourself. This story, however, is not about an imaginary world. Unravelau’s stories show a harsh reality. If society does not change its take-make-waste pattern of living, the Earth’s resources will run out. That is why Unravelau tries to only use resources that are not harmful to our world but also allow for maximum reuse. Unravelau sets an example by making environmentally conscious decisions one step at a time, all the while learning from the past. “If you want to make a change, start with one thing at a time and try to excel in it. Next, try to make an even bigger step.” Unravelau is convinced that if people start thinking this way, our chances increase of living a lot longer on our planet.