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When a latent childhood passion, an innate vocation, emerges over time and is then followed by the fearless pursuit of a dream and a life-path, what materializes is the secret behind the success of the Italian CO|TE brand Tomaso Anfossi and Francesco Ferrari are the brand’s founders. To fully understand the spirit of the brand and its two designers, we must step back in time to the period in which Francesco took refuge in the workshop of an expert leather artisan and family friend, and Tomaso raided the tailor shop where his mother worked.  for both of them, the workplaces of these women represented a haven, where they discovered the pleasure of handling fabrics and materials and learnt how to discern the various textures through touch, sight and smell. After their adolescent years, Milan embodied the destination and the new haven where their creativity could flourish. Founded in 2010 CO|TE, which means shelter and protection, whose collections stand out for their refined and cutting-edge designs, entirely produced in Italy according to the best “Made in Italy” traditions. The designers' creations stem from a continuous exchange of ideas, inspired by inquisitive, spirited and naturally elegant ironic women. Geometric shapes represent the point of departure for the creation of each garment, and for this reason the choice of fabrics is of primary importance; not only do they help maintain the desired volumes during the process of designing the silhouettes, but also once the garments are ready to be worn.