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The Twins Florence collection chooses creativity as a tool to overcome limits and boundaries, mixing art and fashion to give shape to an authentically contemporary aesthetic. The brand's identity is strongly rooted in the Italian manufacturing tradition: each individual item is entirely produced by Tuscan craftsmen, a land of excellence and ancient skills. Linda Calugi, designer and creative director of Twins Florence, tells with her creations a relationship between fashion and time that goes beyond the limits of the seasons and ages: each collection describes a specific point of view on the contemporary, at the same time, however, each Twins Florence garment of any past, present and future collection can be freely mixed, in the sign of a new concept of sustainability that comes from a profound idea of ​​respect and value.

Twins Florence is an experience that involves all the senses, an aesthetic journey that starts with the choice of yarns. Pure wool, natural cottons, fine leathers and linen communicate to the skin, to every skin, in the most universal of languages. The Twins Florence woman is the contemporary synthesis of androgyny and glamor. She lives with a strong and clear identity and recognizes herself in a sensitivity that overcomes all distinctions of age, gender and nationality and defines the world where the soul and the brand values ​​identified by Linda Calugi, resonate.

Linda graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Florence, before moving to Milan, where she began her journey in fashion. Art, architecture and styling are her reference points: in every creation the desire to connect different worlds, eras and cultural approaches is expressed.