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Tiziano Guardini

Tiziano Guardini is a young and talented fashion designer who has a love for fashion and nature, elements seemingly at odds, but actually very well connected in his creations. Tiziano Guardini has been featured in The New York Times, Vogue, Interview and Corriere della Sera, which deemed him as ‘the stylist of nature’. From a young age, he was fascinated with fashion and went to study at the Koefia Academy of Rome. At first, he collaborated in various fashion ateliers in Rome, finally joining companies focusing on ready-to-wear fashion and accessories. Guardini participated in the 2012 edition of Limited/Unlimited presenting a coat made of pine needles. He then began a series of exhibitions and awards in Italy and abroad, taking his work to Vietnam, America, China and the United Nations. Open to collaborations, he now works with Oscar-winning costume designer, Milena Canonero. Tiziano’s designs are in perfect harmony with Mother Earth. He believes that human survival is linked to its relationship with nature.