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Massimo  Noli  and  Nicola  Frau  are  the  designers  behind  the  brand  of  Quattromani.  After  individual  work experiences, they decided to create a unique project together: a brand totell the stories and traditions of their region, Sardinia. Quattromani is sharing, a way of thinking about the women and their style, but also   the   first   syllables   of the   names   of   the   two designers Massimo Noli and Nicola Frau."We  went  to the  same  school  of  fashion,  and  after  we  had  a  work  experience  in  Le  Copains.  After this,wespenta period working individually, and finally we met again in Cagliari, as teachers, withthe desire to create a common project in which to gather ideas and inspiration, something that reflected our idea of style. Starting from thisunion, Quattromani was born.Currently, Massimo Noli and Nicola Frau alongside the business of fashion designers to that of coordinator of the Course of Fashion Design at the European Institute of Design of Cagliari.