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Visionary Award


The winner of this year’s edition not only has long been leading the charge to increase both inclusivity and diversity in fashion, but she has persevered in how she can personally make a difference in the industry, using her platform as an actress and as a creative, to open doors and give a voice to those who otherwise would not be able to showcase their talent.

Responsible Disruption Award

Progetto Quid

Progetto Quid designs, produces and distributes fashion collections made of first quality end-of-line fabric, offering career opportunities to those who would otherwise struggle on the job market, especially to women. In just over seven years, they now employ 142 people of which 70% are vulnerable women.

Best Independent Designer Award

Sindiso Khumalo

A short list of Independent Designer who address the Eco-Age Principles of Sustainable Excellence and CNMI sustainability principles in different ways through their work. Collated from their achievements over the last 12 months were put to a panel of industry figures including: Christopher Bevans, Creative Director, DYNE,(he wants to be called another title which he now has and was in official papers by Eco-Age need to check) Manuel Arnaut, Editor-in-Chief, Vogue Arabia, Laura Brown, Editor-in-Chief, InStyle, Cameron Russell, Model & Activist, Noella Coursaris, Model & Philanthropist, Queennie Yang, China Editorial Director, The Business of Fashion she wants to use antoher title same as above, Hamish Bowles, Creative Director Vogue, Simone Marchetti, editor in chief Vanity Fair Italia, Renzo Rosso, President OTB and Sarah Mower, Chief Critic Vogue US.

North Star Award

UN for the UN Global Goals

The North Star award singles out organisations or individuals that show extraordinary leadership. The Sustainable Development Goals, which have been called one of the most impactful initiatives of our times, should not only be a vision for every business, but we believe that they can’t be achieved without meaningful partnerships with the global business community, for which fashion plays a pivotal role.

Art of Craftmanship Award

Italian Artisans

The handprint of fashion, all the thousands of Italian artisans who, in so many ways, make up the fabric of this country. Artisans across this country continue to offer us insight into a more viable path forward. Generations of craft and meticulous care, continuously evolving to engage with the pivotal times in which we now find ourselves.