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The procedure for requesting press accreditation for Milan Fashion Week Men's Collection, to be held from 14 to 18 June 2024, is now active.

To apply for accreditation, please complete the form by June 7th, 2024.

The first press list will be sent to brands on May 31st,2024, so you must be accredited by May 30th to be included.

The accreditation fee is 50,00€.

The accreditation pass is a digital QR code. It is automatically sent by email once the process is complete.

Please note that accreditation does not give direct access to events and fashion shows. Invitations to events and fashion shows are at the discretion of the brands' press offices, on the basis of accredited press lists provided by the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana.

In order to be accredited and to receive invitations from the brands, it is necessary to fill in the form with full address details: name of the hotel, street/square, street number, postcode, city.

Journalists applying for accreditation for the first time or as freelancers must send to a copy of their membership card in the Register of Journalists (valid for the year of the current event), and a copy of the most recent fashion-related articles published in the press and/or broadcast by the media. Please note that accreditation is for press only.

Failure to provide the required documentation will result in the application for accreditation not being processed.


We remain at your disposal for any questions or clarifications.


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