The on-line press accreditation request procedure is now active for Milan Women's Fashion Week 17/23 September 2019. Complete and submit the accreditation not later then Monday the 9th of September 2019. Fill out the form below.

CNMI will process every accreditation request according to the Regulations. Upon submitting your form, please read the Regulations and sign for acceptance.

New applicants have to print the form, complete it with name, contact information (mailing address in Milan, email address, telephone number) and corporate e-mail it to not later then Monday the 9th of September 2019.
Free-lance journalists have to fill in the same form and email a photocopy of his/her press card (valid for the year of the current event) as well as a copy of his/her latest articles covering fashion published by the press or broadcast by the media to The accreditation request will not be considered, unless all the required documentation is submitted.

The accreditation does not give you the right to receive invitations to events or fashion shows. Invitations remain at the discretion of the single Press Offices and will be sent out according to the accredited press list we will forward to them.

For any further information please contact:


Beatrice Rossaro
PR Manager
Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana
Tel. 02/7771081