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Simone Cipriani

Chair of the secretariat of the UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion - Head and Founder of the Ethical Fashion Initiative of the UN

Simone Cipriani founded (2007) and manages the Ethical Fashion Initiative, a sustainable supply chain and a business accelerator, which is as a flagship programme of the International Trade Centre, an agency of the United Nations.

A leader in sustainable business practices and reporting

Simone Cipriani has made it his mission to support the development of a more responsible and sustainable fashion industry, devoting his work to the transformation of the industry into a vehicle for social and environmental impact. In 2007, Cipriani created the Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI), a program of the United Nations implemented through the agency International Trade Centre. EFI manages a large supply chain for the international fashion industry enabling 10,000 artisans in several sub-Saharan African countries and in Asia to become regular suppliers of international fashion and lifestyle brands.

Under Cipriani’s guidance, the Ethical Fashion Initiative has also developed a framework for ESG Supply Chain Due Diligence, performance monitoring and corporate reporting system. These tools are being tested in the European fashion industry, thanks to their adoption by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CNMI).  EFI’s ESG Supply Chain Due Diligence tools was used to select the awardees of the CNMI Fashion Sustainability Awards.

The system aims to show investors and society how a fashion business can create value for all stakeholders. It is structured along the guidelines supplied by the UN General Principles to apply Human Rights in Business (UNGPs) as well as on the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the OECD Guidelines on Due Diligence for Responsible Business, the SDGs, the Paris Agreement on climate change, the ILO Decent work agenda, and the ILO’s Declaration for MN Enterprises. It was created in line with the criteria of the EU’s Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence and the EU Directive on Corporate Sustainability Reporting.

Mr Cipriani is in the board of advisers of the first 100% circular factory developed in Africa, Artisan Fashion in Kenya.