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Marilyn Martinez

Marilyn has been part of the Foundation's Fashion Initiative since the beginning, coinciding with the launch of 'A New Textiles Economy' Report, which outlined the need for the industry to transition from linear to circular. Marilyn is driving the initiative's ambition to empower creatives to innovate toward circular design. Specifically, Marilyn's focus areas include circular business models and innovation within the fashion industry. She was a key contributor to the Circular Design for Fashion book and led the research piece titled 'Circular business models: Redefining growth for a thriving fashion industry'. Marilyn is currently working on different activities to inspire fashion creatives in making the circular economy mainstream.
Before joining the Foundation, Marilyn worked in strategic consulting, specialising in sustainability. Throughout her projects, Marilyn collaborated with businesses, public organisations, and international bodies to identify new business opportunities and pioneer thought leadership initiatives.