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Omar was born in Modena, where he grows and performs part of his training process. Since he was child, he used to spend a lot of his time doing sketches of clothes, activity that has accompanied him over the years and has become a constant. In parallel, experiments with performing arts, structuring a poetic centred on body and carnality. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, he moved to Antwerp, where he studied Fashion Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. He starts his career creating patterns, because from the beginning he has very clear how important it is for a designer to understand the inner structure of each piece. Omar works as a freelance designer until last year, at the end of 2015 he decided to create their own brand. He founded a Company, working on brand identity and designed his first collection, which presents in June 2016 in Milan during Milano Moda Uomo inside Men's Hub.