Max Mara Resort 2023 ‘Vai lenço feliz’ • Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana

Max Mara Resort 2023 ‘Vai lenço feliz’

The Max Mara Resort 2023 fashion show took place on Tuesday 28 June against the backdrop of the lush gardens of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon.

The starting point for the new Max Mara collection is a painting by artist Nikias Skapinakis depicting Natália Correia, intellectual, poet and social activist.


Correia's spirit lives on in this collection that celebrates her contribution to Portugal's artistic, cultural and political scene in the turbulent mid-20th century.


Her vision of passionate and sensual femininity, made explicit by her 'Antologia de Poesia Portuguesa Erótica e Satírica', considered outrageous by the authorities she opposed, is translated for Max Mara into a more voluptuous and soft silhouette, reminiscent of the gathered skirts of traditional dresses.


Prints and brooches studded with crystals recall the ‘Lenços de namorados do Minho’ embroidery linen or cotton handkerchiefs embroidered with symbols and love messages such as hearts, flowers and doves that girls of marriageable age made to win the heart of their beloved.

The 'lovers' handkerchiefs' are a Portuguese romantic tradition and represent a genuinely poetic and artistic form of expression of love.


Indeed, the Max Mara Resort 2023 collection delivers a powerful message of passion: 'Vai lenço feliz'.