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DassùYAmoroso is a no-gender contemporary Street-Punk brand represented by the founding designers Stefano Dassù and Pasquale Amoroso united by the Y, a conjunction between the two surnames and a distinctive graphic symbol that becomes a logo.The brand was born with the spirit of freedom without gender distinction, breaking down barriers or prejudice. The brand stood out for the collection “I AM WHAT I AM” that showed diversity as something to be proud of. The new collection “I AM AN ALIEN” celebrates again diversity and its intrinsic value of uniqueness. Overlays and transparencies, fabrics that act as second skin and others create volumes as a metamorphosis. Feeling free without barriers and breaking down every border. Being alienated today allows you to deal with yourself and a contact with your self by facing your doubts, insecurities and silences. Listening more deeply to ourselves will allow the development of a stronger personality, who will not be afraid to stand out and inspire.