Milano Moda Uomo

Along with Milano Moda Donna, Milano Moda Uomo is the International event with all the innovations of prêt-à-porter for men presented by the most important maisons of Italian fashion; during the event more than 100 fashion shows and presentations take place; Italian and foreign journalist attending are more than 1000 and buyers are almost 10.000. With two annual appointments: January (Autumn/Winter Collection) and June (Spring/Summer Collection), the fully booked calendar of the event is the proof of the great interest shown by market operators toward men’s Fashion.



Milano Moda Uomo January 2017
13th-17th January 2017

Milano Moda Uomo June 2017
17th-20th June 2017



Milano Moda Uomo June 2016
17th-21st June 2016

Milano Moda Uomo January 2016
15th-19th January 2016

Milano Moda Uomo June 2015
19th-23rd June 2015

Milano Moda Uomo January 2015
16th-20th January 2015


Milano Moda Uomo